Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I visited an wonderful show at the Chicago Cultural Center called 'Write Now' where artists were invited to submit works related to written words and texts as well as actual letters (from the alphabet) as points of departure to create conceptual interpretations. I was inspired too and attempted to create my own abstract compositions. In two of the pieces I cut out shapes from the the word ART and collaged them into compositions. The third piece was composed from the word inspires. It was an interesting challenge and I'm looking forward to doing more of these soon.

Monday, November 7, 2011

These began with an old water color pad that I found in the 1980’s. I like to stay busy and productive while I am watching TV and frequently find my self doing some art .

The portrait is so revealing and nuanced that I frequently refer to it when I am in the mood to experiment.

I folded two pieces of paper in half and painted four similar portraits with acrylic paint and then added pen and ink for definition. I then cut the portraits into 8 squares and b ‘mixed and matched’ them back together.

The second series is a revisit of some of the first Four Squares that I made in September. I need to add more edge and contrast so I collaged new features and gave them new identities.

The results are always surprising and mesmerizing.