Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Skype Attack

So my daughter and I were Skyping. She was half way around the world and suddenly the phone connection began to pixelate. Both her voice and picture became distorted. But there was something very intriguing how the abstract and broken the image became. So I whipped out my camera, much to my daughter's objections, and began to point and shoot. The images were both intimate and detached at the same time. In short, quite interesting . I also saw them as points of departure. Using Picasa, a digital photo enhancing site, I reinvented Clara. Here are some of my experiments.


There is something absolutely liberating and transformative about digital photo enhancing apps like Picasa and Photoshop. They enable me to take 'ordinary' paintings, drawings, etchings, collages, and transform them into artworks that I could not only never imagine but even if I could, I could not create in a million years. It is an exhilarating process. I love the element of unexpected surprises. With only a click of a button, an image can be completely reimagined. It is absolutely magical.