Wednesday, April 18, 2012


rediscovered some very old postcards in box that I had used for an old exhibition announcement. It was a small 3”x 3” photo portrait of me that I had had copied in high contrast black and white . Since there were so many of these postcards I decided to experiment on them using water color to create a series. Although I enjoyed the spontaneity of the initial results I was more interested in creating more tension which I thought would be more engaging. I cut the portraits into four equal parts, mixed them up, and reassembled them as four paneled collages. This element of discord is something that permeates much of my work both on paper and canvas. It is this sense of finding order in potential chaos that I find so challenging.
The pieces are called Lins because my name, Jonathan Franklin, appears on the postcards and l-i-n are the only three letters that remain of my name after I cut out the portraits