Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Cubist Greens

Here is another of my many cubist portrait series that I have been experimenting with, once again collaging cut out features from magazines  as starting points.  Using acrylic paint and ink   I  used the same color schemes and line treatments.     

Monday, October 13, 2014

Cubist Cosmo Girls

I am, if it's not already obvious, a huge fan of Picasso.  And one of his gifts, among many, was his hard hitting role in the creation of Cubism as well as the use of collage, both for which I am heavily indebted.
This is the one of many cubist series of portraits that I have created beginning with the eyes, noses, and mouths that I cut from magazine photos.  Each series is a slight variation of another.  But they all begin from the same point of view and end in collage.  


Sunday, March 2, 2014

Many years ago, I spent a lot of time in tents. They were large structures made out of canvas. They would get hot, stuffy, and smelly in the summer and be freezing and wet in the winters. Frequently we would raise the canvas walls to ventilate and bring in some light by rolling up the side panels. It was an unremarkable exercise but I always thought the patterns and shapes and light and shadows made them quite beautiful to behold.  I also enjoy the tactile the flat color panels contrasted against  the organic geometry of the drapery.   These pieces were based on small doodles from my sketch book.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Photo Merges

I discovered the merge photoshop application that just blew me away.  I have always been a fan of taking and combining sequential images and until now have relied on either cutting and pasting the old fashioned way with glue and scissors or more recently using  some rudimentary digital techniques.  But this trick allows me to seamlessly stitch two or three images together as one continuous image.   Here are some of my first experiments.  Buckingham Fountain in Chicago was taken last summer.  The rest were taken recently in the midst of a cold Chicago winter  in front of and behind my home.