Saturday, September 1, 2012

Art and Vision at Spex

  Spex is a spectacular spectacle store and gallery.  Because of the nature of the store, that is that its overriding mission is to present and market spectacle frames, the challenges of exhibiting art are very specific.   There is limited wall space.   I decided to take advantage of the tops of the display cases by installing a series of drawings called  Remnants.   These are assemblages of works on paper that I have secured together using string to give them an puppet-like animation.   I attached dowels to them and inserted them into wooden bases  to allow them to be free-standing.  
      On the walls I hung a series called Voyeurs which are portraits created by securing individual panels to window-like frames.  I also created a series of other portrait collages of a man wearing, what else?, spectacles.
   All of the assemblages are exercises in dissonance, and in the end, the sum of many parts.  

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